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You can't enjoy anything in life if you don't have your health. And the cornerstone of good health is good nutrition. We can help you create a balanced diet that helps you stay in shape, while still enjoying food. Whether it’s to lose weight, lower your blood sugars, stop your bloating or having a happy relationship with food, our accredited dietitians can deliver personalised, evidence-based dietary advice. Call us today on 3266 6881 or book an appointment below!

Weight Loss

Achieve your optimum weight while reducing your risk of developing a chronic disease like diabetes or heart disease. We’ll teach you how to portion your meals and snacks to achieve success.

Heart Health

Lower your risk of heart attack or stroke by getting the right advice about diet and exercise to achieve a healthy weight range and avoid the use of medication or reduce the amount.

Women's Health

Learn how to eat the right foods for different stages of life, whether it is during pregnancy or menopause. Having the right advice can help take the stress out of food planning and give up the energy you need.

Mental Health

Learn to live your life free from an eating disorder and rediscover a healthy relationship with food that nourishes both your mind and body in a safe and supportive environment.


Digestive Health

Reduce bloating and discomfort with the medically recognized Low FODMAP food plan. The plan focuses on positive foods your can enjoy while reducing your symptoms.

Allergies & Intollerances

We have a range of elimination diets that we can guide you through to help reduce your symptoms while making sure you meet all of your nutritional needs, even while eating out.

Diabetes & Metabolic Health

Learn how to eat sensibly across the day while maintaining good glucose (sugar) control while enjoying a variety of nutritious and tasty foods that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Specific Nutrition

Improve your recovery and healing by optimising your nutrition with our specific nutrition plans that can keep up your strength and improve your quality of life.


We don't just create recipes for a rabbit and tell you to eat less junk. We pride ourselves on providing tailored diets backed by science, and an individual service to keep you accountable. Our accredited dietitians are also passionate about solving your nutritional problems using wholefoods that you can enjoy. Your personal dietitian, will support, motivate and empower you to be successful in achieving your goals.


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