3 tips to help choose the right Yoghurt

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Eating yoghurt daily can help soothe your stomach, boost your bone health and even reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. But there is so much confusion around which type of yoghurt to choose, from low fat, fruit flavoured, and with the hype around added sugar it can be difficult to know which ones to choose.


Here are 3 tips to help out:

Go Natural 

Plain yoghurt contains no flavouring or added sugar, making it the most waist friendly option.

TOP TIP: a good replacement for mayonnaise or sour cream

TRY: Tamar Valley Greek style All Natural yoghurt


Don’t fear full fat

Lower fat yoghurts can boost your protein and calcium intake, while cutting down on fat. But they often contain more carbs and kilojoules   that full fat plain yoghurt

TOP TIP: Check the kilojoule value on the label and choose yoghurts       with 400 kilojoules or less per 100grams

TRY: Nestle Soleil No Fat No Added Sugar or Chobani plain yoghurt


Consider those sugars

The sugars on low fat plain yoghurt come from its natural milk sugar (lactose).

Flavoured yoghurts also contain sugars in the form of sugar, fruit, fruit juice concentrate or honey.

However both plain & flavoured have a low glycaemic index, so they will cause a gradual rise in blood sugar.

TOP TIP: Look for yoghurts with less than 15g carbs per 100g.

TRY: Jalna Pot set berry fruit low fat creamy yoghurt or Black swan naturally sweet greek style breakfast yoghurt

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