Boost Your Immunity This Winter

bowl of frozen blueberries to boost vitamin C

By making nutritious meals a priority during the colder months, you can reduce the likelihood and severity of colds this winter. Start by cold-proofing your family by choosing foods high in vitamin C and zinc. These nutrients are known to boost the immune function of the body.


Choose foods high in vitamin C like capsicum, broccoli, kiwi fruit, strawberries, berries and citrus fruit. Foods high in zinc found in fish, seafood, beef, lamb, baked beans, pumpkin seeds and these foods are also good sources of lean protein.

To boost your vitamin c and zinc levels why not try:

  • Beef and bean casserole
  • Porridge topped with pumpkin seeds and chopped nuts
  • Tomato and capsicum soup (see our website for recipe)
  • Grainy toast or toasted English muffin with baked beans
  • Fruit crumble using fresh or frozen berries

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