Chocoholics Survival Guide to Easter

box of chocolates

If you’re like most of us Easter equals chocolate overload with the odd packet of hot cross buns thrown in for good measure. So how can you can you overcome Easter temptations and not be caught out with the guilt and the extra weight gain?


Here are our 6 tips for our fellow chocoholics and how to avoid throwing your healthy eating plan completely out the window this Easter.


1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Plan your Easter menu in advance and allow for a little indulgence so you don’t feel left out. Take control of your meals by offering to cook a healthy meal for your family or friends, check out our recipes on our website for some ideas and even one of our cheeky low calorie chocolate desserts.


2. Get Out & About

It’s Easter break so nobody expects you to be waking up at 6am for a daily gym session, but getting out about with family or friends is a great way to incorporate some exercise. Set up an Easter egg hunt with the kids or use the weekend to explore some new hiking trails.


3. Watch out for Mindless Eating

It’s easy to mindlessly consume a little chocolate, but before you know it you’ve consumed your daily allowance of calories in less than 20 minutes. Say to yourself; Do I really want it? Am I really hungry? How will I feel after I eat it? Is there something else I can do or have to curb the craving? Focus of your goals, move away from the chocolate and take a quick walk or phone a friend.


4. Size Matters

A few days of over indulgence can’t hurt right? Chocolate treats can still be enjoyed in moderation, but knowing what you’re eating is the first step to managing your calorie intake. Check out our Easter Egg-cess chart and see how hard you’ll have to work to burn off those calories. Are you willing to walk for 3 hours for that chocolate egg you just demolished?

how to burn calories gained during easter


5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Having chocolate around the house is asking for trouble whether they are in the cupboard, in the desk draw or hidden under the bed. It’s so much harder to exert self-control and will power when chocolate is easily accessible. Solution? Have plenty of healthy food on hand and only buy 1or 2 small chocolate eggs for you and your family to enjoy for 1 day only.


6. Healthier Alternatives

Easter is a time to enjoy with your family and friends but there’s no need to feel like you’re missing out on enjoying the fun. There are plenty of ways to reduce the calories on your favourite Easter treats! Why not try our delicious hot cross scones recipe (see below) instead of your store bought buns or fix your chocolate craving by melting some dark chocolate to make a make a delicious fondue and dip strawberries, marshmallows, banana or pretzels.

hot cross scones recipe

Tell us about your dieting experience in the comments, or book an appointment with us today and let's discuss your goals!

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