Eat Well This Easter

sweets for Easter Sunday

Think of Easter treats like you would a birthday cake, you wouldn’t eat your whole cake on your birthday; so why eat all your eggs on Easter?


Try these 5 helpful tips this weekend:

  1. Enjoy a small amount of your favourite top-quality chocolate and savor every bite.
  2. Share a chocolate egg with a loved one. This way you halve the calories and get the same satisfaction.
  3. Monitor your food. Stop mindless snacking over Easter by keep a food diary.
  4. Get the whole family involved in plenty of exercise and activities to counter balance the extra input of kilo-joules.
  5. Stock the fridge with plenty of delicious snacks. It is also a great time to indulge in your favourite seafood.


Final word.

And don’t forget no one said eggs had to be chocolate. Celebrate this Easter with wonderfully nutritious and fresh eggs at breakfast instead.

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