How To Avoid Easter Egg-cess!


“who can resist hot cross buns, freshly baked from the bakery with lashings of butter that melts in your mouth”

Let’s start with acknowledging chocolate is around all year, even if it is not in an egg form. But for some reason when chocolate is wrapped in a shiny foil and shaped as a bunny starring at us in the isles of the supermarket, we seem unable to resist the temptation. And who can resist hot cross buns, freshly baked from the bakery with lashings of butter that melts in your mouth. After all it is Easter, and can’t it be an excuse to indulge a little.

Unfortunately, many of us eat enough chocolate, that we compensate later by skipping dinner thinking we have undone the damage. However, that Lindt bunny has more kilojoules than steak and veggie meal. In fact, a Lindt bunny has the same kilojoules as eating 5 slices of bread!

Even if chocolate is not your thing, you or your relatives may be planning a massive feast, and your initial thoughts may be to abandon your diet as it is too hard to resist temptation. It is only for 24 hours, so how much damage can I do in that time. Well for some that indulgent can result in up to 2 kilos in weight gain.

So, what is the best approach?

Firstly, don’t throw in the towel and give up. Try focusing on the bigger picture of Easter and the chance to have time off to spend with friends and family. Shift the focus away from chocolate filled Easter baskets and spend some time figuring out how to incorporate some of your favourite low-calorie foods into the holiday break so you can have a small splurge.

Some chocolate is good for you

But a serving size is only 20g or 3 small Easter eggs. Try buying small, individually wrapped eggs rather than a giant chocolate bunny, not matter how cute they are.

Share, share, share!

If you must buy a big bag of chocolate, open it when there are plenty of friends and families to enjoy it. And if there are left overs, put them in a coloured container out of sight so you are less likely to nibble on them.

Don’t go hungry

Have a light snack before heading to your Easter celebration. When you are there fill your plate with lots of vegetables and have a small portion of meat or the creamy potato bake. And if you can’t resist desert, trying sharing with someone or better still make our delicious Easter Chocolate Crackle Nest.

Talk a walk

With the weather becoming cooler and having time off, take advantage of getting outdoors. Go for a hike or a bike ride with the family or try a game a cricket – it doesn’t matter as long as you are moving. A 60-minute brisk walk will burn off small 50g chocolate bunny.

My the take-home message, is allow yourself a small window of flexibility, focus on planning healthy meals, but don’t over indulge. Increase your activity to counter balance any extra indulgences to avoid having to battle temptation.

Eat healthy, enjoy fresh food and spending time with your family. That’s what Easter’s is all about.

Julie Gilbert

Happy Easter!

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