How To Nag Your Man To Lose Weight


You have probably had this conversation, with your man, if you want him to lose weight –“I am not nagging, but do you really need a second helping?”.

It can be frustrating and annoying that you care more about his weight and his health than he does. And no matter how many times you bring it up it just ends up in a fight.

How do you get the man you love to lose weight?

It boils down to the fact that as a female you ‘proactively care' about your man, while he thinks you are nagging him. And despite your ranting, blackmailing and threatening, he develops ‘weight loss’ immunity.

How do you change him?

If you really want to change his mind-set, then you need to start by enjoying a healthy lifestyle yourself. In other words you have to lead by example but choose your words carefully. If your other half hears you hating carrots, tired of feeling hungry and whining about gym classes then don’t be surprised that he isn’t tempted to join in.

Instead talk about how many sit ups you can do, how much energy you have and how much you are enjoying the meals. While he may not jump on board immediately, it will leave him questioning his own choices.

Next, try following this up with an anonymous email, signing him up for a 3-minute health report. Most men like numbers, stats and comparing themselves to other males. This is a simple, effective and argument free way of getting your man to self-assess.

If that fails, next time you book a doctor’s appointment for your kids, make sure your man takes them and book a check up for him at the same time. That way the doctor can discuss the risk factors of high blood pressure and diabetes from carrying excess weight. Advice is always better coming from a professional than your partner!

Be honest, but avoid ultimatums

Make sure you examine where your motivation is coming from. Is it because you’re embarrassed about his size or hate the way he looks? If this is the case then tread lightly and consider your words carefully before sharing. Do you want him to get healthier because you want what’s best for him or you are worried about him? If so, then let him know. Giving him an ultimatum will only breed resentment.

Men love to work towards a goal like doing a 5km run or a 30km cycle ride. This could be an opportunity to re-kindle a dormant sporting passion. You could also try booking into group training sessions together or organise a hike with the kids. Realising he is not as fit as he use to be maybe the impetus he needs to lose weight.

Make some subtle changes

If you are responsible for the food shopping and cooking, you can make subtle changes without your man knowing. Even simple switches like stocking the cupboards with healthier snacks, gradually reducing the meat portion and adding more vegetables can make a huge a difference.

He might moan, but you can always reply with – ‘you are more than welcome to do the shopping and the cooking!’

Final word

The hardest part for men to lose weight is to get them through the door. Once they are there, they are more successful than women in losing weight. So keep trying but don’t nag.

Finally, thank you to all of the men who have stepped through our doors. There are many wives, girlfriends and mothers who have appreciated your effort.

Happy Father’s Day!

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