Super Food or Super Con?

super foods

You know the spiel, eating certain fords are going to cure certain illnesses and an endless array of superfoods from coconut oil to cacao that are going to magically transform our health or even cure diseases.


This overly simplistic approach, that one single food can magically transform our health has lead to an increasing trend of characterising food as medicine. Foods that can heal ailments, build up the immune system, cure cancer and more amazing benefits. But this trend of transforming one’s unhealable conditions through the power of super foods has lead to an explosion of pseudo-science and unsubstantiated claims through websites and blogs. But while these claims can may have a positive effect on an individual there just isn’t enough evidence to suggest these foods actually work.


Final word.

So it is time to ditch the idea of super foods and instead focus on a super diet. A diet full of fresh, whole foods abundant in vegetables and light on processed foods but doesn’t eliminate any food group unless medical necessary as discussed with your doctor and/or dietitian. And is part of an active lifestyle which includes meaningful relationships and strong sense of community. Evidence says that this super diet greatly lowers the risk of modern disease.

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