Time To Get Your Man Up

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Wish your coach-potato partner would get off the couch? Frustrated with his high fat, sugar-laden snacks even after the doctor warned him that he is borderline diabetic? Well you are not alone with more than 60% of males now either over weight or obese. So how do you get the person you love to tackle his weight?



Here are 5 tips to get your partner back into shape:

  1. Don’t tell him what you are doing at first – start making little changes in the way you both eat e.g. use smaller plates, add more vegetables and cook with low fat ingredients.
  2. Remove all junk food from the house – this will benefit everyone in the house. But aim to have a splurge once a week to prevent him from becoming deprived.
  3. Eat at home more than you eat out – takeaway meals are often higher in fat and calories and the portion sizes are too large. And by cooking extra at dinner he can take the leftovers for lunch the next day.
  4. Encourage a healthy lifestyle not just weight loss – plan physical activities to enjoy together and makes this a part of the time you spend together.
  5. Encourage your partner’s efforts to make healthier choices – subtle praising will help him without feeling like he is being over analysed.


Final word.

Even little changes like these will make a huge difference to your partners weight and lifestyle without him even knowing.

Following these 5 guidelines as your starting point may just prove to be the kick-start he needs into a healthier way of living. Tell us about your partner's dieting experience in the comments, or book an appointment with us today and let's discuss your goals!

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