Top Tips to Beat the Binge this Easter

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Australians eat around 110,000 tonnes of chocolate each year – translating to 5.8 kilograms per person, along with 42 kilograms of sugar or a staggering 27 teaspoons per person per day. And around Easter, chocolate is abundant making sticking to a healthy eating plan nearly impossible. With this much temptation it is easy to think I will get back on track the following week. While it’s not realistic to completely ignore the Easter tradition here are a few tips you can follow to make sure all of your work is not undone.



Make seafood the stand out for the day.

Seafood is a delicious treat at Easter especially since it is weight loss friendly with 20 medium prawns having the same number of kilojoules as 3 mini eggs.

Indulge in portion controlled treats.

Treat yourself but don’t binge. Try small individual eggs rather than eating the entire bag or share treats with your friends and families.

Go for quality rather than quantity.

Enjoy an Easter feast with plenty of good food and a small amount of good quality chocolate and savour the flavor.

Stock the fridge.

Keep plenty of delicious health foods on hand so you don’t automatically reach for Easter eggs.

Stick to Sunday.

If you want to enjoy the Easter treats of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns save them for Easter Sunday.

Portion up left overs.

If you have loads of chocolate left over and can’t bring yourself to throw them out, break it into 20g snack portions and freeze it. That way you won’t polish off the whole egg and instead enjoy it as a snack.


Final word.

So this Easter focus on the people that are important and spend time getting together instead of focusing on the Easter indulgences.

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