What to do if your diet is in a mess?

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 Here are five quick tips to get back control.


1. Do Something

We spend too much time living in regret, over thinking, and planning instead of doing. When you feel out of control because you are stressed, busy or even feeling a “little blue’

doing something positive will help you feel back in control and help to move forward. So clean out your pantry, get moving, and go and do a grocery shopping. Take active steps if you want to move forward.


2. Set a Goal

 It might be you want to finish a 10km run or lose 5 kilos by Spring, having a clear goal it will help to keep you engage on a daily basis. It will show you where you are heading, how to get there and what you need to do to get there. And remember to keep reviewing regularly for maximal impact.


3. Plan Ahead

Know your stumbling blocks and plan ahead to avoid them as best as you can. For example if you regularly get takeaway on a Friday night, allocate it as your treat night (one a week) or plan a simple healthy meal ahead of time.


4. Don’t be a Perfectionist

A 100-calorie indulgence is just that. But if it’s perceived as a failure and a reason to give up, it can turn into a 1000-calorie indulgence.

Aim for the 80/20 rule. If you eat really healthy 80 per cent of the time and allow for some treats or little set-backs for 20 per cent of the time, you will still be far better off than where you were when you started.


5. Find a New Program

We all need a little inspiration and support from time to time. So join a new gym class, take a cooking class, try a new recipe or even try us to give you new ideas, motivation and incentives to get you back on track.


Tell us about your dieting experience in the comments, or book an appointment with us today and let's discuss your goals!

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