These are common side effects of food intolerances and many people try to self-diagnose and get nowhere.

From Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), FODMAPs, abnormal bowel habits to diverticular disease, or whether your tests come back negative for a gut condition – gut conditions can be frustrating and confusing to figure out what will help you feel better.

Gut conditions are often not simple issues with a one-size-fits all answer. Symptoms can vary and there can be many triggers, which may require trialling several dietary strategies to find out what works for you.

At Solutions with Food, we are experienced in a range of elimination diets including RPAH Elimination diet, Monash low FODMAP diet as well as lactose free, wheat free, gluten free and dairy free diets. We will guide you through the process to find your food triggers, while broadening your diet as soon as possible again.

During our programs we will provide you with meal ideas and recipes, help you to manage eating out with special requests, understand food labels and improve your gut health.



Towards a Happy Gut Package

✅  1 x 60 min initial consultation
✅  1 x 30 min review consultation
✅  4 x review consultations
✅  Personalized dietary plan
✅  Lifestyle and education resource pack

Towards a Happy Gut Package

Eat well Feel Great Package

This plan is ideal if you want a better understanding of your eating habits and looking to stay accountable while creating new habits.

✅  Dietary & Lifestyle assessment
✅  1 x initial Consultation
✅  5 x review consultations
✅  Personalised dietary plan
✅  Tailored education resource pack
✅  Recipes

Eat Well Feel Great Package for Heart Health

General Consultations

Single Initial Consultation from $100*

Single Review Consultation from $50*

5 Review Consultation Package $250*

10 Review Consultation Package $450*

*Before Health Insurance



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