Do you turn to food when you’re stressed? Starve yourself? Binge eat in private?

Feel out of control with your eating – And would you like to change your relationship with food?

At Solutions with food, we understand it can be difficult to seek help whether its because health care providers in the past haven’t understood the depth of your emotions around food or you have kept a secret about your negative relationship with food and you are not sure where to start.

We work on developing a positive relationship based on trust and empathy with you. Whether it is the first time you are talking about your relationship with food, or you would like to change the way you relate to food by gently exploring ideas, knowledge and possible food changes.

Our approach is to encourage no further weight loss but promote a slow increase of your weight to a healthy weight range or maintain a healthy weight range, while eating a balanced diet to nourish mind and body. By working with our dietitians, you will stop struggling in isolation, but improve your confidence to control your diet and weight. While still being accountable and motivated to break the cycle of disordered eating.

Our programs are designed to achieve flexibility and freedom about eating food.



One More Bite Package

✅  1 x 60 min initial consultation
✅  4 x 30 min review consultations
✅  4 x 15 min review consultations
✅  Personalized dietary plan
✅  Lifestyle and education resource pack
✅  Develop lifelong skills in healthy eating, behaviour modification and mindful eating
✅  Enjoy food and eating again

One More Bite Package

General Consultations

Single Initial Consultation from $100*

Single Review Consultation from $50*

5 Review Consultation Package $250*

10 Review Consultation Package $450*

*Before Health Insurance



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