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The NDIS is a government funded scheme for people with permanent and significant disabilities. This includes people with physical, intellectual, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disability. It provides assistance or products that help a person in their daily life and help them participate in the community and reach their goals.

Solutions with Food is proud to be a registered provider and the opportunity to help people with a disability to reach their goals.

Keep scrolling down the page to find out how a dietitian can help you.

How a dietitian can help you?

Meal Plan development - Weight plans, bowel management and chronic disease plans.

Provide education about nutrition including portion control

Can provide education to carer’s in charge of organising the shopping.

Wound and pressure care support.

Education and sourcing of supplements

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How to involve a dietitian in your Plan?

During your application process

Our dietitians can help patients who have not yet received funding. We can provide reports about disability, the impact it has on your life and how access to funding will improve your life.

*Private fees apply to any consult before funding is approved

Once your have an NDIS Plan

Once you have a plan, a dietitian can help provide services via your NDIS funding. In your first appointment, you will receive a service agreement, a plan quote and appointment structure.

You can also contact us to organise an appointment to get Dietitian in your plan. We will provide information on how we will assist you to improve functional and social outcomes.

Funding & Costs


Solutions with Food dietitians are registered under two categories of funding:

1. Capacity Building - Improved Health & Well-being

2. Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living


Costing is dependent on each individual’s circumstances. Planning sessions are designed to work out total costs for the participant at the beginning of their plan. However, there are some generic billing information for participants.

Hourly Rate: $193.99

Group of 3 Sessions: $64.66

Report Writing prior to NDIS Planning: $210