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What to Expect From Your Consultation


Our dietitians have goals we would like to achieve with you -

  • Help you address your medical goal
  •  Help you achieve optimal nutrition
  • Help you create a balanced diet
  •  Help you achieve a healthy relationship with food

We understand that everyone sees a dietitian for different reasons and everyone’s journey is different. That’s why we spend time finding about you so we can create a personalized just for you.


Initial Consultation

A private consultation that is medically supervised, where you can receive the full and undivided attention of a dietitian.

Initial Consultation with Solutions with Food


Regular follow-ups will help you to stay on track. Your dietitian will support you with positive suggestions to help you move on with confidence towards your goal. We recommend weekly or fortnightly visits.

Reviewing Progress of Patient



Here at Solutions with food we would love to share with you all of our success stories from our clients. However, accredited dietitians and accredited nutritionists, along with other medical health professionals, are prohibited from displaying testimonials, according to government regulations.

When you do see testimonials offering nutritional advice it is because these organisations are unregulated and are not recognized by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).  As Dietitians, we are regulated and accredited by the DAA who is the peak body in nutrition here in Australia. The DAA ensures we deliver a high standard of service and excellence in practice.


What does this mean for you?

By having this accreditation you can feel confident in knowing that we conform fully to the regulations enforced by the DAA. We have the skills and knowledge to develop an individualized plan tailored to your needs and by staying up to date with the latest research, we know what works, what is risky or unproven, so you feel confident with the advice we give.


So instead we encourage you to share your positive experiences with your family and friends.

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