Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

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Confused about food? Tried everything? Unsure what foods are right and wrong? Book an initial consultation with our dietitians and get started on the right track.

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Purchase an initial consultation today and start your weight loss journey. This product gives you one consultation with the dietitian of your choice. Please specify on the form which dietitian or location you would like to see.

Initial Consultation:

✅  One-on-one Consultation*
✅  Structured weight loss program
✅  Customized meal plan (includes food from all food groups)
✅  Weight and body measurements

Plus, receive goals and motivational tips and feel confident knowing that all advice provided if from qualified dietitians, the experts in nutrition.

If you really need more reasons to book call one of our friendly team us on 3266 6881

*Rebates available for private health insurance.