Starter Package

Starter Package

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This plan is ideal if you have a short term goal or needing advice and guidance to give you the confidence to move forward.

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Client Reviews

I love the cost and that I can claim it back on my private health insurance. It is simple, easy and hassle free.
— Leona

✅  Dietary & Lifestyle assessment
✅  1 x initial Consultation
✅  2 x review consultations
✅  Personalised dietary plan

Initial Consultation:

✅  Food Diary & Customized Meal Plan
✅  Goal Setting & motivational Tips
✅  Diet History and tailored education to individual
✅  Anthropology (height, weight, waist measurement, etc)

Review Consultations:

✅  Review Food Diary & Customised Plan
✅  Monitor Patient Success
✅  Weight & Waist measurement Analysis
✅  Educating patient with new tips on weight management

If you’d like more information or to purchase a package please contact us on 3266 6881