How much should I eat during pregnancy to prevent excess weight gain? How do I lose weight safely while still breast feeding? How do I lose weight during menopause without following a restrictive diet?

Many women are confused about what to eat during various stages of their lives.

Pregnancy is a time to meet your nutritional needs, while managing your weight. During pregnancy your energy requirements don’t increase much, however, your requirements for many nutrients do. At Solutions with Food we can tailor the right nutritional program for you that is simple, enjoyable
and nutritiously beneficial for you and your growing bub. With our nutritional programs you can prevent pregnancy related complications such as excess weight and gestational diabetes.

Once you have had the baby, you may want to know how to safely lose weight, especially if you are breast feeding. There is plenty of information about how to lose weight after having a baby, but these diets take the one-size fits all approach. At Solutions with Food, our approach is to tailor a diet
suited to you and your family challenges.

Menopause can be a challenging time, for many women. As we get older, we don’t build and repair tissue as rapidly and we start to break down muscle. These changes mean our metabolic rate gets much slower. Therefore, if we keep eating the same amount of foods when our body doesn’t need it, our body stores the excess as fat.

As your body changes, so should your weight loss strategy. There is no point using the same weight loss strategies, you did in your 20s or 30s. You need a fresh approach and a tailored diet that works for you, beyond menopause.

At Solutions with Food, we can tailor a simple meal plan to meet your personal needs and the needs of your family to help take the stress out of food planning. Our approach takes into consideration yours and baby’s routine, food preferences, triggers that cause you to eat, your energy needs and your health and wellbeing.


Customised Dietary Plans For:



Starter Package

This plan is ideal if you have a short term goal or needing advice and guidance to give you the confidence to move forward.

✅  Dietary & Lifestyle assessment
✅  1 x initial Consultation
✅  2 x review consultations
✅  Personalised dietary plan

Starter Plan for Heart Health

Eat well Feel Great Package

This plan is ideal if you want a better understanding of your eating habits and looking to stay accountable while creating new habits.

✅  Dietary & Lifestyle assessment
✅  1 x initial Consultation
✅  5 x review consultations
✅  Personalised dietary plan
✅  Tailored education resource pack
✅  Recipes

Eat Well Feel Great Package for Heart Health

Mindful Eating Plan

Struggling with emotional eating? Why not include our mindful eating plan. This program teaches you how to form a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food, while nourishing your body with foods you enjoy.

✅ 3 x review consultations
✅ Mindful eating techniques
✅  Mood and eating diary

Mindful Eating Plan

General Consultations

Single Initial Consultation from $100*

Single Review Consultation from $50*

5 Review Consultation Package $250*

10 Review Consultation Package $450*

*Before Health Insurance



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